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Socrates captures your visitors’ most exciting moments on camera, creating cherished photo and video souvenirs. The results provide incremental revenues, promote your venue through social media marketing and enhance the customer experience. Whether your facility is a theme park, water park, adventure park, aquarium, museum or other tourist attraction, Socrates has a revenue generating solution for you that brands and promotes your venue on many of the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


The modular design of the Socrates system provides flexibility for endless combinations and possibilities. Customers can purchase photos and videos and digitally share their experiences at staffed sales kiosks or at self-service terminals. A choice of payment method is available at the self-serve kiosks which accept coins, notes, debit and credit cards or simply click a Facebook ‘like’ in return for free sharing on social media. Also you never miss a customer as the machine gives change for anyone without the exact money.

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Souvenirs, like merchandise, are important to your business as they generate incremental revenue streams, establish your brand and promote your facility. Socrates photo and video solutions add the extra dimension of personalising the customer experience from keepsakes to digital sharing and offer you all the benefits of social media marketing.